Darkmoon blade or lightning blade

Comments posted to our Dark Souls 3 Wiki. Hmm, I can waste away my life trying to get summoned or lose my sanity trying to farm these from the Silver knights. I now understand why people use Cheat Engine. I farmed the knights, didnt take THAT long.

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Maybe five hours. I guess that's kinda long but I got immense amounts of souls as well and I was getting summoned into other covenants while farming. Cheating is cheating. It's hard to get because it's hard to get I don't understand people like you. You want every item to be easily available to everyone? What's the fun in that? A couple of very rare items add to the game. You're just a cheater if you use cheat engine to get them, though I don't care as long as its not consumambles Demonico Addicted.

Demonico Ano 05 July You're soooo right man. Stop using that fudge cheat engine! Just earn it. Farm for it offline or simply do some invasions! I don't like it but I have a little trick for you: search a friend. Then I don't know how this works exactly But simply invade him 30 times and he can invade you 30 times and you both have it. Or doesn't this work? Demonico Can't earn them with invasion Have to wait someone with blue covenent get invaded Aren't they supposed to hunt down the guilty and all?

Almost end of and I just collected 15 of them from the convenant in just 1 day while waiting to get summoned to help players with Friede fight. Game is still active as hell and who tf uses cheats in this day and age wth lol.

Stop killing Yorshka you monsters. Look if there is any other way to get her chime tell me but as of now she dies right when I see her. Yea but she got one of the best miracle catalyst so why not. What damge type, i assume magic ia this true? Sgx24 Casual. Sgx24 It's magic. Yeah dark magic scales with faith and dark miracles with int.

Dammit, accidentally sold this.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Darkmoon Blade is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. Miracles of the Darkmoon are tales of revenge, but Captain Yorshka recites only for the sake of remembering her brother, with out knowledge of its meaning. This description pisses me off - not because I hate it, but because of how the Darkmoon Blade covenant was handled in DS3.

darkmoon blade or lightning blade

It outright says that the Blades hunt for vengeance, and yet they have the covenant function as summoned cooperators - protectors, but not avengers. Darkmoons should've been an invading version of Blue Spirits, at the least - invaders of people who have successfully killed hosts as red or purple phantoms. Gives me conniptions. For PvP it's arguably better than Lightning Blade since natural lightning defense comes mostly from Endurance - a stat every character needs and levels up.

Magic defense however is mainly determined by your amount of Intelligence, which is "only" leveled by pyros, sorcerers and - to an extent - dark builds. Also, nothing more satisfying than smashing a Blade of the Darkmoon to a pulp with a blue shining Dragon Tooth.

If you leave the Blades of the Darkmoon can you still use this miracle? I doubt it but I wish this page told us about that. I bought this game when it first came out and have been on and off grinding ever since. As of today I'm up to 26 concords and hate my life Having trouble with grinding for this spell?

Try this: If you have the Crystal Sage's Rapier, your Luck increases by 50, wielding to obviously goes to Not to mention the rusted coins you can buy from Patches. This helped me greatly in my struggle to grind for Covenant items, hopefully this helps you guys too. I love seeing how many people have struggled to farm for items in this game It's not rocket science, just kill stuff to get items and souls, Homeward Bone or Coil Fragment respawn, and then kill, kill, kill again.

Would anyone be willing to trade 27 Concords for my few dozen full silver knight armor sets? I think it's a great deal! If I already have dark moon blade and start a new journey do I have to farm another 30 proofs? The site says this scales with spell buff and lightning blade scales only with the FTH portion of the spell buff? Neither the 2 boosting sorcery rings or 2 miracle boosting rings as well as Weapon art from Rose of Ariandel do not affect AR applied by this buff so all in all at 60 faith the most AR i got out of this buff was Lightning blade got me as well while dark blade got me 28 Ar less while blessed buff got me the least standing at AR.Please read the full community rules and guidelines.

AR Calculation Spreadsheet. How to Calculate AR. Damage Calculator and Motion Values. Weapon Attack Ranges.

Weapon Infusion Tables. Lightning Blade vs Darkmoon Blade self. Is the damage the exact same? I realize most people have lower dark resist and that's the key, but is it worth the pain of getting darkmoon blade? Ive left my ps4 on for 3 days now with my character slowly spinning a circle loland im only at 21 concords I have 3 spell slots and 2 go to Tears.

I mainly pvp and am tempted to use the cancerous projected heal over a weapon buff Darkmoon Blade does magic damage not dark damage btw whilst Lightning Blade does lightning damage.

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As for the projected heal, if you ever consider using it in PvPplease jump off a cliff. I use tears and weapon buff but tears doesn't save me as much as id like.

Lightning arrow is tempting but I cant land it like everyone does to me. I may try the projected heal cancer and lightning storm but I don't want to use 2 miracle rings Lightning Storm does good damage, around the mark if they try to punish you for casting it it's barely used, so people don't know how to counter iteven without the miracle rings.

Just be sure to cast it with Canvas Talisman's WA. If you're going to use Projected Heal, be sure to use it with the WA as well, for added poise.Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. Neither of these will do more damage "on average" as they are both weapon enchantment miracles that raise your weapon by 50 damage in their respective elements and not actual weapons. If you wondering which will be more effective to more enemies, it will likely be Lightning Blade, as that seems to be a more common weakness, but bear in mind that if this spreadsheet of boss elemental weaknesses is anything to go by, most enemies will only be taking more damage from Lightning than Magic anyways.

Since these are both just miracles, it would be best to know your specific enemy's weakness and then enchant your weapon accordingly. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

darkmoon blade or lightning blade

Which has a higher dps - Lightning Blade or Darkmoon Blade? Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 7 months ago. Active 3 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 1k times. With 60 faith, which does more damage on average, Lightning Blade or Darkmoon blade?

Improve this question. Parzival Parzival 2, 4 4 gold badges 22 22 silver badges 48 48 bronze badges. Edited title to be a factual question not an opinion one. Which is better is an opinion question.


But this may still receive downvotes for showing no effort to find the answer yourself. You could have done some internet research about the items before asking here.

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This is not opinion based. Also I don't have darkmoon blade. You don't need to have a Darkmoon Blade to look at the wiki. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. Vemonus Vemonus The wiki you linked to above had this to say about comparing the two see under "Notes" : "the only advantage over the easier to acquire Lightning Blade is if used against enemies with high lightning resistance, since Darkmoon Blade deals magic damage. Otherwise the two spells appear to be identical.

Morganstein Jun 2 '17 at I can't check right now, but since split damage is generally worse, when using a weapon that already have magic or lightning damage wouldn't it be better to use the buff that matches your weapon? I also recall some weapons getting way more damage out of specific buffs Lothric Greatsword being better with Blessed than Lightning Blade I think.

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Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Wich one is stronger in overal? For all day use i mean, tho both use faith points. I have a feeling myself that the darkmoon blade is overal better on most enemies but i could be wrong tho. Also what damage does the darkmoon blade do?

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Let's see this is just my opinion but i think darkmoon blade is better. Because lightning resistance goes up with endurance, wich everyone levels up. But magic resistance is tied mostly to intelligence. In pvp most players are melee so they don't level up intelligence making darkmoon blade stronger than lightning blade. Last edited by Vash ; 23 Oct, pm. Originally posted by Vash :. Last edited by odinigh ; 23 Oct, pm.

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darkmoon blade or lightning blade

The spells have exactly the same damage increase, the only difference is the type of damage. As for which is better, I'd say DMB actually has a small edge. Because of how defense works, players will naturally have a higher resistance to lightning and fire damage, especially at high levels. So you will see some difference, just not a huge amount. The difference between damage and probably.

Originally posted by Krono Sin :. No problem, have fun. Originally posted by odinigh :.

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Store Page. Global Achievements. Deadoon View Profile View Posts. Sort of an odd thing I noticed with my character is that dark blade increases my ar by with 10 int 30 faith, while lightning is not much better at I am really thinking that the extra 15 fp cost is not worth it for a mere 13 extra ar.

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darkmoon blade or lightning blade

What Talisman are you using? Last edited by Hobo Misanthropus ; 29 Apr, pm. Originally posted by Hobo Misanthropus :. Last edited by Deadoon ; 29 Apr, pm. Originally posted by Deadoon :.

Darkmoon does magic damage, Lighting does lighting damage. Herbalacious View Profile View Posts. I went thru the same thing the OP did right after picking up lightning blade. I couldn't cast my 3 buffs without using an estus at 18att. I'll prolly have to bring att to 24 to be able to use all the miracles I want and not feel gimped by fp. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 29 Apr, pm.

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